Inertia Presents Technology, Blind Dating, and Mobile Apps The Trifecta of Romance

Here’s an app which was so argumentative it took 7 months to get approved. Inertia LLC, a product and software development company has entered the online dating game with their code new blind dating application, Blind Fate.

The iOS application went public on Mar 7th, and has already thick with over 2000 users. The unique nature of this application resides in its capability to bond people based on the way they correlate with the user interface. Many other dating applications are filled with tedious submit fields and feign profiles, alternatively, Blind Fate provides users with imagery to support them in anticipating their preferred match. Blind Fate additionally allows users to bond LIVE with one an additional in sequence to engage them in an upfront and puzzling manner.

Blind Fate is a brew of chat roulette and Ok-Cupid, reduction the nakedness from chat roulette (sigh) and reduction the disciplined of Ok-Cupid. The app is free for the initial 5000 users, and offers a new way of communicating with internal singles.

About Inertia

Inertia, keeps the ball rolling. Regardless of the initial law of thermodynamics, outward forces do not change Inertia’s march of motion. Creativity, passion, and drive propel Inertia’s products in to the hands of millions of users.

Inertia creates their own products though additionally develop products for clients. While Inertia’s concentration is geared towards mobile platforms, they additionally develop websites, desktop applications, graphics, and marketing strategies. Inertia’s group is comprised of well gifted managers who direct their incredibly gifted programmers and designers.